Tips To Spend On Walt Disney World

Have you ever heard from your friends saying that ‘I want to visit Walt Disney World but I don’t have enough money?’, or ‘I am sure it would cost me a lot.’. In fact, you don’t have to be rich.

Every moment you step into Walt Disney World, you will surely end up the trips with over spending on park ticket and meal options, packages and awesome souvenirs right? So, instead of saving money only, why don’t you also spend it wisely at Walt Disney World?

Let’s begin the journey of “Disney World Savings”:

1. Park Tickets

The “Magic Your Way” passes allow you to select any parks that you want to be in. But, bear in mind, DO just select ‘Hopper’ option as it allows you to spend a whole day in more than one park. Or, maybe some of you plan to spend a whole day in just one park only, you must always remember, DO NOT select ‘No expiration’ option if you think that you will use your passes for a whole day, or in other circumstances, if you know that you will not be back.

2. Extended Hours

Make use of “Extra Magic Hours” that allows you to get more out of your days. As for every single day, there are one of the four Walt Disney World parks opens an hour early or closes up to three hours late for visitors who stay in Disney hotels.

3. Accommodations

Every time when you reserve for accommodations on any of the Disney property, you will see an option with ‘Room Only’. It means that you are required to pay for the hotel room only, this option is cheaper for some families. However, some people would reserve a room that is attached to a package which includes park tickets, meal options, airfare and others.

4. Advance Booking For A Park Pass

You may purchase your park passes from at some discount prices. At the same time, you may subscribe to the MouseSavers newsletter, go to the go-to-place for some money saving tips, which include discount codes for the resorts. Once you subscribe to the MouseSavers newsletter, you may check often for the discount codes and deals, and reserve a room with the best rate. After that, you may call Disney constantly by every week until your departure date for tracking as if the rates could go any lower.

5. Shop For Necessities

Before you arrive Walt Disney World, you must AVOID buying and paying for the necessities which can be bought at the park. The smartest idea is to purchase the bracelets, kids’ glow-in-the-dark wands and necklaces before you leave home so as to avoid paying these necessities with inflated prices at the park. It is because all the vendors start attracting the kids and selling the necessities aggressively when the sky turns dark.

6. Annual Pass

If you are planning to stay in a deluxe room, you are encouraged to get an annual pass from Walt Disney World resort for your family as the annual pass is cheaper as compared to the one-day pass. Whenever you want to make any reservations, you do not need to possess an annual pass to be entitled to the discount. You just need to make a reservation when you find the best rate, and purchase the pass, and get the savings when you check in. For those who possess an annual pass, you can purchase a Disney’s Table in Wonderland with $ 75 (RM 334) only, and save up to 20% when you dine in at certain restaurants by ordering foods and drinks.

7. Return To Walt Disney World For The Next Visit

You may enjoy ‘Bounce Back Offer’ when you are still in the Walt Disney World and you confirm that you will return your visits again. You can make your reservations before you check out from your room, and save up to 40% on your next stay.

8. Earning Airline Miles

You should make any of your purchases and pay for it using your credit card as it may save you with miles for airline tickets to countries such as Florida.

9. Say NO To Rent A Car

You must always remember not to rent a car in the Walt Disney World. You are recommended to use Disney’s Magical Express, which is a free and easy airport transportation in Disney. Or, you may grab a cab as if you could not make it on Disney’s Magical Express.

10. Gifts From Disney

You may purchase any incentives from the grocery store, no matter the gift is for your kids, parents, friends or anyone. Parents are recommended to purchase a gift card or any other awesome souvenirs that are suitable for their kids so as to make them feel excited.

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