Things You Should Aware Of For Your FIRST Taiwan Trip

Most of the time, when you travel to another country where you have never been there before, you will have no idea on what to do and prepare right? So, do you know why would you feel you are lost? It is mainly because you are not aware of their living culture, isn’t it? Read this article carefully now and you will have more idea on what to do!

Banknote Information

1. Cash Notes

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Taiwan currency, known as New Taiwan Dollar (NTD), has been divided into banknote (with 2 000 yuan, 1 000 yuan, 500 yuan, 200 yuan and 100 yuan) and coins (with 50 yuan, 20 yuan, 10 yuan and 1 yuan).

2. Cash Card

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A Visa or MasterCard, and a UnionPay card (debit/credit card) can all be accepted. However, you are advised to use UnionPay card as long as the seller accept UnionPay so as to avoid any extra service charges. For those places where only cash can be accepted, you should only withdraw the amount that is sufficient for you to spend within two days. Don’t worry if you have no enough cash, you can withdraw it anytime from the Automated Teller Machines (ATM) which are available at all the 7-11 stores. Unless you really have no money, you will then need to use your VISA or MasterCard.

Transportation Information

1. Easycard

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You should get an Easycard at any subway station. Easycard is a money card that can be used at most of the subway station in northern Taiwan, which is known as Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Easycard only cannot be used at the MRT in Kaohsiung, but it can be used for the ferry in Kaohsiung. Bear in mind that when you buy an Easycard, you will have to pay a certain amount as your deposits. You will be required to pay the deposits with NT$ 200 when you buy from the subway station. You may also get an Easycard in cartoon version from 7-11, with the deposits of NT$ 100 (limited edition will not be refunded).

2. High-Speed Rail

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High-Speed Rail is only available in West Taipei, the route starts from Taipei, proceed to Banqiao, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan and end at Kaohsiung, a total of eight stations with the length of 345km. Currently, tickets can be bought in advance with 28 days earlier. Advance booking can also be made within 24 hours. Therefore, you can buy the tickets anytime without worrying there are no tickets available. However, you will be recommended to buy early bird tickets earlier so as to enjoy up to 6.5% discount.

3. Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is a tourist bus that is specialised in planning the route for tourists to travel around Taiwan. It can be found anywhere near the high-speed rail station, subway station, and Taipei main station. No matter you are in Nanzhuang, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Kenting, or JiuFen Old Street, you can surely see Taiwan Tourist Shuttle.

Weather Information

The most suitable month for travelling to Taiwan is in October and November. In Taiwan, winter is a rainy season. Although there are flowering spring trees in spring, there is also a rainy season. Apart from winter and spring, summer has typhoon, and the weather in autumn can be considered as stable.

With these different seasons, you are recommended to wear the RIGHT OUTFIT as followed.

Kenting Summer

  • Shorts with T-shirt
  • Alpine jacket wind or sun-protective clothing (only if you travel by car)

Hualien Autumn

  • Trousers with sweater
  • Jacket (only if it is rain)

Taipei Spring

  • Trousers, sweater with coat

He Huan Mountain Winter

  • Trousers, pantyhose, sweater, thin down jacket with jacket

Practical Information

1. Socket

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The voltage in Taipei only up to 110V, which means the basic hour that needs to be spent on charging an IPAD or a smartphone is doubled as compared to the local country. Note that the plugs are basically with two flat head.

2. Seal/Stamp

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When you are travelling in Taiwan, you will surely find all sorts of souvenir badge. It is mainly because you can see all different kinds of souvenir badge at every tourist attraction. You can even see some of the shops have their own souvenir badges. Therefore, a lot of tourists would bring an empty notebook that is specifically for collecting the seal.

Bear in mind that the notebook that you plan to collect the seal should be:

  • Not too small (the largest seal from the Forbidden City are about the length of 12cm)
  • With the thick paper as it can avoid the seal seep the back or the next page

Also, your tickets should be covered with a “XX station proof chapter” in order to certify that you want to keep it as a souvenir, so the staff will not collect your tickets

3. Credit Card

If you want to visit Taipei 101, you must buy your tickets and any souvenirs with your UnionPay card so as to get some discounts.

Click here and you will have an idea on how much time to be spent at certain places.

Is this article enough for you as a reference? We, Alfa Millions Sdn Bhd, as a licensed money changer based in Kuching Sarawak, do not only provide currency exchange service but will always be here to provide you with amazing tips in saving money while travelling to other countries.

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