How To Plan Your Time Wisely For Your FIRST Taiwan Trip?

Independent traveller will be recommended to stay at least 12 days in Taiwan. The following information provides you with a guide for your Taiwan trip.


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  • You may stay in Kaohsiung for 1 to 2 days, and set Kaohsiung as a transit station because there are airports, high-speed rail and subway station. Apart from that, you may enjoy your lunch or dinner at Cijin Seafood Street with the most reasonable price.


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  • You are encouraged to stay for 2 to 3 days at Kenting. The weather at Kenting is 24 degree Celsius perennially. The weather will be very hot if you go to Kenting in summer, but the sea is beautiful. You may also rent a locomotive, or rent a car if you have an international driver’s license. Besides that, you may book your visit to Lo Lung Hang in advance via online. Also, parents may bring their kids to the sea museum for a short visit.


  • You may enjoy your Hualien trip for 2 to 3 days. At Hualien, you can see Qi Xing Tan which is located at the north end of Hualien city. You can also visit pastureland, hot springs, night market and buy some souvenirs.

New Taipei City

Pingxi Line and JiuFen Old Street

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  • You are recommended to spend 1 to 2 days at Pingxi Line to see the cats, send and write a postcard, play the sky lantern, and end your day at Jingtong Street where you can back to Ruifang town.

Bear in mind that

Alfa Millions Taiwan

  • JiuFen Old Street is closed at 730pm

Alfa Millions Taiwan

  • Gold Museum is the best attraction to look at the Japanese architecture and natural landscape. The most attractive things to see at Gold Museum is the ‘Taiwanese Lunch Box’ as the rice bowl that is made of iron can be brought away.

Yehliu Geopark

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  • You are advised to spend 1 day at Yehliu Geopark for their geological park, seafood, and the dried meat floss available at the park is the cheapest in the town.

Tamsui District

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  • It is enough for you to spend only 1 day at Tamsui District, visiting the Fisherman’s Wharf, Jay Chou’s secondary school and Fort San Domingo. You can go to Tamsui District by Taipei Rapid Transit System, or go to the Fisherman’s Wharf by bus that is available at the MRT station. Therefore, you will see the beautiful night scene.


Alfa Millions Taiwan

  • You are recommended to stay in Taipei for at least 3 days. Within these 3 days, you may spend at least half day at the Forbidden City. You may plan and arrange your visit to Taipei 101, Eslite Bookstore, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, LungShan Temple and XiMenDing on the same day as these places are nearby.


Alfa Millions Taiwan

  • You may spend up to 2 days for viewing the snow at He Huan Shang.

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